Wings Vulcan True Gaming Review

Wings Vulcan True is one of the newly launched gaming earphones having over 3k+ Ratings On Amazon. . This earbud was launched in 2021.

Wings Vulcan True is one of the best gaming earphones under 2000. If you are looking for budget-friendly earphones for either gaming or music then you should go with these earphones.

In this blog, you will get Wings Vulcan True review. You get all your answers about whether you should buy these earphones or not.

Wings Vulcan True

Wings Vulcan True Gaming review 2022

Wings Vulcan True

  • Price: Under 2000
  • Mic: Yes
  • Battery: 25Hrs
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

The Wings Vulcan true is one of the newly launched gaming earphones under 2000. It comes with a humongous battery backup of up to 25 hours and 8mm drivers, which gives powerful and strong bass.

Main Highlights

  • Gaming Ear Buds with Ultra Low Latency of 60ms that provide you the Ultimate Gaming Experience.
  • Wings Vulcan True has a massive 400 mAh case battery that lasts for 25 hours and gives 5 hours of single Bluetooth earbud playtime.
  • Wireless Earphones with Dual Mode. Automatically Switches between Music Mode and Gaming Mode. Touch Control Buds.
  • Quad Microphones for Clear Calls. Each Bud has Two Mics for Clear Calls and a Great Gaming Experience.
  • It comes with 8mm drivers which give powerful bass and precise sound.


  • IPX5 water & sweat resistant
  • Low Latency of 60ms
  • Up to 25 hrs playback
  • 8MM Drivers
  • 1-year warranty


  • Average bass quality
  • Fast Battery discharging

Wings Vulcan True Technical Features

The top 5 Parameters you should look at before buying Wings Vulcan True :

  • Mic & Connectivity: Mic on earphones enable you to attend calls. You find the mic of Wings Vulcan True on its earpiece. Since the pair of earphones is wireless you could easily connect the earphone with a Bluetooth-enabled device. The Wings Vulcan True comes with the Latest Bluetooth v5.0 with dual pairing.
  • Build Quality: The Wings Vulcan true comes with a premium metallic finish with magnetic earbuds which gives you long-lasting durability.
  • Protection against Water: The earphones come with IPX5 water and sweat resistance which means you could use these earphones under 1metre water for 30 minutes.
  • Volume Control/Play Control: Some earphones come with one button to play and pause. But Wings Vulcan True comes with multi-function Integrated controls that lend a better listening experience with volume increase and Decrease and Stop and Play buttons.
  • Voice Assistant: The Wings Vulcan true comes with Google Voice Assistant. Voice Assistant helps you to play music and get answers to your question using voice commands rather using single buttons.

Why Wings Vulcan True is the best?

Wings Vulcan True is one of the perfect pairs of gaming earphones. If you are looking for earphones with good sound quality and long-lasting playback time then Wings Vulcan True is the best earphone for you.

The amazing feature that these earphones have is passive noise cancellation. The Wings Vulcan True comes with IPX5 ratings which show the earphone will be protected from Water and Sweat.

Wings Vulcan True Sound Quality

The Wings Vulcan True comes with passive noise cancellation. The driver is the component inside your earphones that produces sound.

More the drivers in your earphones, the better the sound. The Wings Vulcan True comes with a powerful 8MM Driver which gives you a better sound.

Wings Vulcan True Gaming review 2022

However, there is no active noise cancellation provided. But with the mic, you still enjoy hands-free calls. After all, you get to enjoy your music playlist in the best possible way.

Wings Vulcan True Usage

The Wings Vulcan True is best for sports and fitness activities like running, gymming, and exposure to sweat and rain. The earphone is portable and convenient to use, with no hassle of wires and easy controls. So, you can use these earphones while traveling.

Best earphones under 2000

If you are looking for the best gaming earphone under 2000, then Wings Vulcan True is the best. The 8mm Dynamic Driver delivers rich sound, thumping bass, and impressive tonality to uplift your musical experience.

If you are looking for more options Then check our blog- Best Bluetooth earphones under 2000.

Best Gaming Earphones Under 2000

For gaming and earphone should have a low delay. Wings Vulcan True 4 has 60ms latency so, you can enjoy a real-time audio experience.


Does Wings Vulcan True have noise cancellation?

Yes, Wings Vulcan True comes with passive noise cancellation.

Are Wings Vulcan True is durable?

Coated with IPX5 sweat and water protection, the Wings Vulcan True emphasizes all-around ability with 8mm drivers that reproduce a quality sound.

How long does Wings Vulcan True Last?

This earphone can give 25 hours of playback when it is charged completely.

Do Wings Vulcan True Work with Laptops?

The Wings Vulcan True TWS can be easily paired with any available smartphone, laptop, or other gadgets that support audio devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Is Wings Vulcan True Waterproof?

It has an IPX5 rating provides outstanding water and sweat resistance.

Wings Vulcan True Review

Wings Vulcan True is one of the newly launched gaming earphones having over 3k+ Ratings On Amazon. This earphone was launched in 2021. Check Wings Vulcan True Review




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